Seller payment method Price / BTC limits Action
bigrobo (20+; 100%) National Bank Transfer : Iran 12,557,592,662.21 IRR 1,000,000 -
15,000,000 IRR
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Buyer Payment method Price / BTC Limits Action
bigrobo (20+; 100%) Cash Deposit 8,323,772,550.24 IRR 1,000,000 -
100,000,000 IRR
    hamid.mj (10+; 100%) Cash Deposit 8,241,562,450.98 IRR 1,000,000 -
30,000,000 IRR
hamid.mahdanian (10+; 100%) Cash Deposit 7,193,383,685.39 IRR 5,000,000 -
50,000,000 IRR
    m.shirzad Cash Deposit 2,055,252,481.54 IRR 7,000,000 -
20,000,000 IRR
ahmadi2020 Cash Deposit 2,055,252,481.54 IRR 1,000,000 -
5,000,000 IRR
platinum (3; 0%) Cash Deposit 2,055,252,481.54 IRR 100 -
100,000 IRR
arjhang Cash Deposit 863,206,042.25 IRR 10,000,000 -
20,000,000 IRR
arash.dig Cash Deposit 720,000,000.00 IRR 10,000,000 -
35,000,000 IRR
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